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Hating some of the things that..

Sunday, Nov. 04, 2012 - 18:42

My name is Suki Bapswent, and I am funky. I am also not going to dignify my teeth my mentioning the fact they kept me up for much of the night (I entered a semi-medicated, sleep-deprived, constant throbbing pain type state of disconnection from myself) because I have been to the chemist now and everything is going to be OK*.

1. There's not a lot to report from the day, as far as I am concerned. I wandered into town (bit wet, sunny, not quite as nippy as expected) and bought some medical and grocery type shit, wandered home and sorta fancied a pint on the way back, but it was not yet noon and the pub was not yet open.

2. I have so many books I want to read, but I don't make the time to read them. I am such a fucktarded piece of shitty poo at times. Not happy am I with me.

3. I'm not a great fan of bonfire night or fireworks - partly because I have some unpleasant memories associated with them, but partly because my over-logical frame of mind rails against the conformism and waste of money that it represents. I wouldn't mind eating hot dogs stood near a big bonfire, but the whole crowds and cold and money and fireworks and 'was that it?' is a bit blargh.

4. If I had a comfortable amount more money, I'd buy one or more of the books reviewed in New Scientist each week (there was one about eBay data reviewed a couple of weeks back which I thought looked interesting, and there's usually one in every issue that I fancy reading). Admittedly I'd probably accumulate these books a lot faster than I'd read them, but at least I'd develop an impressive library.

5. An uncomfortable side-effect of spending much of this afternoon in my small spare room with the heater on drying my washing was that my eyes and throat felt somewhat dry and sore. This was contributed to, I am sure, by my only getting somewhere between four and five hours sleep last night (and not great quality sleep at that).

6. I read an interestign article about Freddy Adu today. Interesting because he's one of those players who I know from games like FIFA and Championship Manager were very talented and young (and hence good targets to buy) or something. I briefly wondered a few weeks ago whether he was still playing in real life when he came up on the transfer lists in a FIFA game I was playing. This article explores the phenomenon and names Ibrahima Bakayoko as one of those I particularly agree with!

7. I had a look today (and drew a graph) at the track number of the songs in my iTunes '100 most played' list - basically to see whether there was any correlation. Unsurprisingly, track 1 was most represented (you want to open your album with a good'un, and I do have a few CD singles within that number too) with a bit of a general drop-off after that as artists put their more experimental songs later in the album. Oddly there appeared to be little peaks associated with tracks number 15 and 17 (over-represented compared to those around them) which could reflect the average number of songs on an album and my liking for quieter (perchance 'closing') tracks on CDs?

8. "Snozzberry? Who ever heard of a snozzberry?" .. "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."

9. In 1982, David Grundman was killed near Lake Pleasant, Arizona while shooting at cacti with his shotgun. After he fired several shots at a 26 ft (8 m) tall Saguaro Cactus from extremely close range, a 4 ft (1.2 m) limb of the cactus detached and fell on him, crushing him.

10. Happy Birthday, Louise Redknapp. Not looking at all bad for 38, I'd say.

11. [this paragraph left intentionally blank]

12. This day in 1970, Genie, one of the most extreme cases of child neglect, was liberated from her abusive home. Reading about her case, it's tragic stuff, but it does of course provide a very interesting opportunity to study such things as language acquisition (aspects which could not be studied via experimental studies as it would be immoral). Interesting, but a shame such abuses exist.

13. I also learned today that you don't get beluga caviar from the beluga whale. That should be obvious, as caviar is fish eggs and whales are viviparous mammals, but.. I am a bit slow sometimes. Beluga caviar is from the beluga sturgeon.

14. Two sides yet to win a game in the league this year, two sides in blue and white hoops, two sides that could be described as 'to the West of London, in the M4 corridoor'. The game ended Queens Park Rangers 1-1 Reading, and I never knew Loftus Road was so close to BBC Television Centre. Plenty of chances in the opening ten minutes, and Reading went ahead when Kaspars Gorkss volleyed in with fine composure after a free kick. Chances at both ends, with QPR hitting the bar (good save by McCarthy in the Royals goal) just before half time. Rangers were better in the second half, and equalised (perhaps deservedly) through Djibril Cisse, but wasted too many chances by shooting selfishly or inaccurately, and the game petered out into a 1-1 draw. So both sides are still waiting for their first league win of the season, and both remain in the bottom three.

15. The later kick-off in the top league today finished Liverpool 1-1 Newcastle United on Merseyside. The home side had the better of the opening minutes, with Suarez making a nuisance of himself. For all their possession, however, they made relatively few openings and didn't test Krul very much. They were made to pay on the stroke of half-time when the ball was pulled back to Cabaye who struck powerfully past Brad Jones. The second half saw the home side's dominance of the ball continue, and eventually this (and the skill of their players) told - Suarez released by ex-Magpie Jose Enrique midway through the half, and masterfully taking the ball round Coloccini to equalise midway through the half. The Argentine was red-carded with seven or eight minutes (plus injury time) left - a bad tackle, and left his side holding on for a point.

16. Righty-ho. I better do the three or four things I have planned for the later part of the evening (ironing, eating a pizza, watching Strictly and NFL perchance) and get to bed where I am hoping to have a better night's sleepybyes than I did last night.

* - nb. it isn't. If I'd had a handgun at five a.m. I would probably have shot my face off.

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