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This is the last day of our acquaintance (for now)

Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017 - 23:59

1. I woke at sixish, and decided getting the fuck up would be a better idea than staying the fuck in bed, so I did. Laundry. Candy Crush. Reading a book of F Scott Fitzgerald short stories, which was stylish and interesting with respect to some of the issues posed n'that. Better than anticipated. I then showered and dressed.

2. Ideally, I would've gone for a nice walk and been able to tarry with a coffee and a Danish pastry or something on a park bench with a view. Alas though I did have a wander round the green bits of my locality, and though there was a bit of morning fresh air of goodness, it had rained overnight and there was nowhere to sit idealistic forethought planned and all that. I did buy some notelets for my thank-you letters post Christmas, I did buy some mouthwash and ibroprofen, I did buy some beer and cake and snacks, I didn't buy a life-size statue of a llama made of tapioca bricks.

3. It's thirty-one years since the Dupont Plaza Hotel arson attack. This fire at the Hotel Dupont Plaza (now renamed as the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino) in San Juan, Puerto Rico killed 96-98 lives and injured 140+ and is the second deadliest in the history of the United States (behind the Winecoff Hotel fire of December 7, 1946, in Atlanta, Georgia - which killed 119). The fire was caused by arson - disgruntled employees involved in a dispute with management are thought to have caused the disaster (in the week the fire took place, there had been three smaller fires at the hotel: one in a linen closet, one in a pile of cardboard boxes, and another in a roll of carpeting).

4. This afternoon I vegged out and wrote down a few resolutions and intentions for 2018, most of which relate to attemping self-improvement in one way or another (or just, as detailed below, attempting to do something different because I am in a bit of a Nine Inch Nails - 'Everyday Is Exactly The Same' rut in recent weeks, months, years). It doesn't matter if I don't accomplish everything, it's a step in the right direction and a few ideas to prevent ennui.

5. Donald Trump Jr. and Psy 'Gangnam Style' both turn forty today, as does a friend of mine from university who was perhaps unfairly dubbed 'sleazy' - more because of how he talked than because of what he actually did (a degree of ungentlemanly boasting about young ladies he'd snogged.. but many lads, me included, could be accused of that at some point).

6. I know that pets can find fireworks scary, so with tonight's inevitable loud bangs in mind, I did the responsible thing and put my three puppies in a sack with a couple of masonry bricks, and threw the lot in the river. I'm kidding of course, I microwaved the little cunts instead.

7. So what are my overarching thoughts on 2017, from a personal point if view? In some ways I should be happier in the sense of having lost some weight and gained some stability, but on the other hand some aspects of my health have worsened a little, I'm quite a bit unhappier at work, and in a few ways I am getting less contentment from my life in terms of my hobbies (book group, sketching, days out, other things I have chosen to fill my time with) providing less enjoyment. All stuff I can hopefully make some steps to address - with the exception of my job perhaps - stopping the drift.

8. The lunchtime kick-off ended Crystal Palace 0-0 Manchester City. The first half was decent for the hosts, they offered a bit and kept a slightly off-pace City to limited chances. The second half similar, plenty possession but the visitors struggling to make clear cut chances. Plenty of drama in the final minutes - Zaha fell under the influence of Sterling (one diver on another) but the penalty by Mil'jovic was saved by Edison. Puncheon fouled de Bruyne on the break a few seconds later and both players were stretchered off, injuries mounting as Jesus had been injured seriously early on. The winning run comes to an end but more notable are the injuries (Scott Dann was injured fouling a City player cynically in the first half).

9. Later on we had a score of West Bromwich Albion 1-1 Arsenal. Wearing red shorts. A poor first half with Arsenal lacking some of their quality, the hosts pragmatic. Lacazette has been a disappointment, Sanchez peripheral, Iwobi far from threatening, Xhaka flawed. Nothing on the scoresheet at the break - except for the two team names and a couple of zeroes. The second half pretty crap too, maybe the away side couldn't recognise their team-mates to pass to them? Managers shook the dice with substitutions, but little difference made. We were saved a third nil-all Premier League game in a row by a late Sanchez strike from a free kick, poor strike, James McClean and colleagues a pathetic effort in the wall, the ball found it's way in. The referee then awarded a penalty when Gibbs's cross (against his old team) hit Chambers' hand in front of his chest, Rodriguez converted the very dodgy award.

10. Well then. Happy New Year to you all, and all that bollocks. I'm going to take a break from keeping this online diary now, I'm going to go back to writing a paper diary. I'll still be reading diaries/blogs online, I'm just wanting to break the routine/rut I've got myself in w.r.t. the amount of time I spend writing this and the general 'wasting time pissing about online to little consequence' theme. It may all end up not working at all, but I thought I would try anyhow. Something has to change, I am re-enacting the same ol' loop. BYEEEEEE!!! :-)

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