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How exciting is a yellow balloon chained to your face?

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017 - 22:50

Secret Life of Five Year Olds was interesting this evening, more sophisticated psychology than the kids a year younger - delayed gratification, rules, experimenting with gender identities, and some interesting social bits and bobs with respect to lying to maintain your social status etc. - different kids/genders with different abilities and empathies. Very cute some of the little tykes - reality TV without the over awareness that grown-ups have sometimes on the more tired formats.

Rodney Bewes. Whatever happened to that likely lad? Oh, he died today, a few days before his eightieth birthday. The England women's cricketers won the last two T20s and hence the series was drawn 8-8 (some points scoring thing I don't fully understand) but Australia retain The Ashes with the tourists failing to decisively win more points. The men's starts tomorrow night down under. Foshingle.

Like many seaside resorts, Withernsea has a wide promenade which reaches north and south from Pier Towers, the historic entrance to the pier, built in 1877 at a cost of £12,000. The pier was originally 399 yards (365 metres) long, but was gradually reduced in length through several impacts by local ships, starting with the Saffron in 1880 before the collision by an unnamed ship in 1888, again by a Grimsby fishing boat and again by the Henry Parr in 1893, leaving the once grand pier with a mere 50 feet (15 metres) of damaged wood and steel, which was removed in 1903. The Pier Towers have been refurbished.

Today we could correctly and gladly wish 'happy birthday' to both Dani King and Georgie Twigg. Both Olympic gold-medallists, both twenty-six now. The Convention of Nymegen (alt. spelling Nijmegen or Nymwegen) was a treaty signed between England and Spain in 1573. The treaty pledged that the English government would cease support for raids on Spanish shipping in the West Indies and Caribbean by English privateers such as Drake and Hawkins.

David Gorman this evening was decent. I didn't fully pay attention 'cause I was looking up things associated with The Falkland Islands on the internet. Talking about generations n'that. Text messaging, life hacks and top tips. Yes. I could write more.

"Thangata" is a word deriving from the Chewa language of Malawi which has changed its meaning several times, although all meanings relate to agriculture. Its original, pre-colonial usage related to reciprocal help given in neighbours' fields or freely-given agricultural labour as thanks for a benefit. In colonial times, between 1891 and 1962, it generally meant agricultural labour given without pay, by a tenant on an estate owned by a European, in lieu of a cash rent. Thangata was exploited, and tenants could be forced to work on the owners' crops for four to six months when they could have cultivated their own crops. From the 1920s, the name thangata was extended to situations where tenants were given seeds to grow set quotas of designated crops instead of providing cash or labour. Both forms of thangata were abolished in 1962, but both before and after independence and up to the present, the term has been used for short-term rural casual work, often on tobacco estates, which is considered by workers to be exploitative.

My book on scaling The Eiger is proving a pretty dense read, but I am enjoying it. Sometimes the technical aspects are a bit overdescribed, there are times when the translation is better than other times, and I may reach the point at which I think 'not more fucking folks with crampons and bivouacs and more rocks falling from above' two or three hundred pages in.. but for the time being it's good.

In five-dimensional geometry, a stericated 5-cube is a convex uniform 5-polytope with fourth-order truncations (sterication) of the regular 5-cube. There are eight degrees of sterication for the 5-cube, including permutations of runcination, cantellation, and truncation. The simple stericated 5-cube is also called an expanded 5-cube, with the first and last nodes ringed, for being constructible by an expansion operation applied to the regular 5-cube. The highest form, the steriruncicantitruncated 5-cube, is more simply called an omnitruncated 5-cube with all of the nodes ringed.

In the football, Liverpool looked odds on to follow already qualified Tottenham and Manchester City into the Champions League knock-out stage, but will have to wait for next time having let a three goal lead slip. Real Madrid (obvs) and Besiktas (not so obvs) also progress. The video intercuts footage of the band performing the song with the story of a businessman, who is humiliated and horrified to find that he is gradually disappearing, after bumping into a mysterious stranger with no shoes. The businessman is played by actor Paddy Considine.


Spartak Moscow 1-1 Maribor:

Sevilla 3-3 Liverpool:


Manchester City 1-0 Feyenoord:

Napoli 3-0 Shakhtar Donetsk:


Besiktas 1-1 Porto:

Monaco 1-4 RB Leipzig:


APOEL 0-6 Real Madrid:

Borussia Dortmind 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur:

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