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Twenty seconds to complain?

Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017 - 23:46

1. Not too bad a day. I am in a bit of a silly Thursday type mood this evening (despite it being Wednesday) in a 'there's not long left till the weekend, I can get through this, I don't really give a shit' type of frame of mind. My trip out to see a customer this morning went pretty well - salesman colleague pretty adecent company, though more chatty than my morning persona might like (the leccy being off in the carriage on the train I was in before I met my colleague was perfect - quiet, dark, chilly and peaceful a journey) and the client meeting saw them quite happy with what I was showing them. The afternoon was reasonable, yet pretty busy.

2. Loewy is a small lunar crater that lies along the eastern rim of Mare Humorum, in the southwest part of the Moon's near side, and is named after Maurice (Moritz) Loewy. This is a lava-flooded formation that lies to the southwest of the larger, lava-flooded crater Agatharchides. To the southeast is an even larger lava-flooded formation, Hippalus. The rim of Loewy is worn and eroded, with a break in the southwest where lava may have flooded into the interior from the surrounding lunar mare. The formation is not quite circular, being somewhat elongated towards the southeast. There is a small craterlet, Loewy A, along the northeastern rim. The interior floor is level and nearly featureless. Attached to the northern exterior of the rim is Agatharchides C, a bowl-shaped crater.

3. Masterchef saw the final four do a taste test then cook dim sum type stuff, which saw them all do a semi-decent job on two of the three dishes, so much of a muchness. In then cooking a meal for restaurant critics, all four had problems, but Becky Adlington was expelled at the end of the show 'cause her butter chicken was a bit 'meh' and her churros were undercooked and a bit crap. She's a good lass though, I likes the cut of her jib.

4. From MASTERchef to taskMASTER. See what I did there? Some funny moments for sure, hip hats.. coconut propulsion.. painting a rainbow in the dark (lesbians using 'test your strength' machine versus leprachaun dirty protest?).. creating a splat.. slicing a loaf of bread.. painting a recognisible self face through card. Yes. Still to completely win me over, Aisling Bea is annoying though I would gladly put my balls in her mouth. If she promised not to bite me.

5. Mark Sampson has been sacked as England Women's Football Team manager. It's a shame that he can't be judged on results, but I suppose there are plenty of other understandable factors associated with appearance and not being seen to condone unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour. Still, it feels a bit like a witch-hunt in places and I'm not wholly convinced that the decision was made for the right reason.

6. It is fifty years since RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 was launched at John Brown & Company, Clydebank, Scotland. After the ship was launched, the QE2 was fitted out with a steam turbine propulsion system utilising three Foster Wheeler E.S.D II boilers, which provided steam for the two Brown-Pametrada turbines. The turbines were rated with a maximum power output figure of 110,000 shaft horsepower (normally operating at 94,000 hp) and were coupled to two six-bladed fixed-pitch propellers. The steam turbines were plagued with problems[citation needed] from the time the ship first entered service and, despite being technically advanced and fuel-efficient in 1968, her consumption of 600 tons of fuel oil every twenty four hours was more than expected for such a ship by the 1980s. Hence the engines were replaced in 1986/87 with German diesel-electric engines.

7. I put on that much maligned U2 album (the one pre-loaded on iTunes) this p.m. 'cause I couldn't find anything on the radio I wanted to listen to and was too lazy to go find a CD. It wasn't as satanic and awful as represented, pretty middle of the road stuff, far from offensive.

8. At the railway station this morning I saw a woman who I remember I used to see at the bus station every morning eight or nine years ago, and who I had a bit of a crush on as she had lovely breasts and a lovely smile. This morning she looked tired and drawn, which was making me think about age and cicumstance and the like (I acknowledge I probably look a decade older and more jade too) which made me a bit pensive.

9. In applied mathematics, the method of contraction hierarchies is a technique to speed up shortest-path routing by first creating precomputed "contracted" versions of the connection graph. It can be regarded as a special case of "highway-node routing". Contraction hierarchies can be used to generate shortest-path routes much more efficiently than Dijkstra's algorithm or previous highway-node routing approaches, and is used in many advanced routing techniques. It is publicly available in open source software to calculate routes from one place to another.

10. I watched a 'secret history' documentary this evening about the Allied misinformation before the D-Day landings, which was interesting. It's getting late and I should go to bed.

More scores from the League Cup (Carabou Queen, calm down deer, now we're sharing the same dream).

Arsenal 1-0 Doncaster Rovers

Chelsea 5-1 Nottingham Forest

Everton 3-0 Sunderland

Manchester United 4-1 Burton Albion

West Bromwich Albion 1-2 Manchester City

The draw for the next round goes like this:-

Swansea City v Manchester United
Arsenal v Norwich City
Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United
Bristol City v Crystal Palace
Chelsea v Everton
Manchester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Leicester City v Leeds United
Bournemouth v Middlesbrough

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