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My lacy dress is clearly not your only friend.

Tuesday, Jul. 25, 2017 - 22:23

Work? Cunty. Nuff said. Another week or two of this will break me. Happy fiftieth birthday to Matt LeBlanc, who's first TV role was in a Heinz tomato ketchup advert.

Tx2-6 is a toxin found in the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider, Phoneutria nigriventer (Keyserling). It is a peptide of 48 residues, molecular weight 5291.3. This peptide is cleaved from a longer precursor with a signal peptide and a glutamine-rich propeptide. It can cause priapism. Tests on rats indicate that the toxin causes nitric oxide release, and its effect on erection is blocked by the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor L-NAME. However, it fully restored erectile function in rats developing hypertension due to injection of deoxycorticosterone acetate. A study is underway at the Medical College of Georgia looking at possible uses for the chemical in erectile dysfunction medication

I've started reading Thomas Keneally's 'Schindler's Ark', and am enjoying it so far (despite tiredness and crowdedness on my commute meaning I only got through sixty or seventy pages), though the experience of reading so far has felt different to the experience of watching the film - which is only to be expected. I assumed the author was Irish, or maybe Irish American (not Australian, as he is).

My bandage came off my leg rash today, I'll have to try something different. I think the dressing patches I have aren't big enough. Something something. Um. Yes. Make up your own end to this paragraph which doesn't end up involving my leg being a little scabby.

Captina Island is an island on the Ohio River in Marshall County, West Virginia, USA. Powhatan Point, Ohio is located on the opposite shore from Captina Island. It lies at the southern end of Round Bottom with a stream-like channel separating the island from the West Virginia shore. Captina Island was once the place where watermelons were grown for the Marshall County Fair. It is part of the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

I might read for a bit now. See if I fall asleep within a few minutes like my tired eyes make me feel might be likely.

Sweden 2-3 Italy. Lotta Schelin and company knew that matching Germany's result this evening, against an Italy side already out, would mean they'd finish in top spot in the pool, and face Denmark rather than the probably trickier prospect of Holland with a home crowd behind them. Some very attractive lady fans in the crowd. A shock opener, three minutes in, a cross poorly controlled by Sweden's #3 Sembrant, and Italy's Sabatino scored from an angle. Sweden responded and were level after twelve when Schelin converted a penalty after De Criscio's foul on Blackstenius. An even game, however, Gabbiadini almost flicked a cross from an acute angle in at the far post but it rolled just past. Italians picking up yellow cards, bit frantic at times. Bonansea had a lovely run, beating a couple of players and getting her shot on target, but Lindahl tipp over easily - however from the corner it was cleared and fed back in, and Sabatino channeled Marco van Basten by volleying in from an angle. Bonansea with another run was denied by a last gasp tackle with Sweden rocking - the Italian forward has some pace. A minute after the break, Sweden levelled, sub Rolfo racing along the right wing and crossing for Blackstenius to poke home. Sweden pushing at it, a header off the line by an Italian stopped them going ahead. Dahlqvist shot two feet wide from a cross, Blackstenius headed against the post when well placed, could've been a key miss. Proven so with six left when a far post cross saw sub Girelli making it 3-2, more poor defending by Sweden who should've cut out the cross from the tricky Bonansea at some point. Sweden go through in the end, but will have to play a lot better against the hosts in the QFs.

Germany 2-0 Russia. In order to have any chance of progressing, Russia knew they'd have to beat multiple (eight times) previous winners and top ranked Germany. Islacker had the ball in the net sixty-five seconds in, flagged offside but it was a warning. The Russians shot themselves in the foot when a defender pulled back Islacker when the ball came back into the box after a shot was excellently saved by teenager Shcherbak in the tenth - Peter's pen almost (but not) saved. Peter headed against the bar on the half hour. Goessling's run and fine throughball saw Dabritz slide the ball across the face of goal. Mittag thought she'd scored a goal from a corner flicked on, but another flagged offside by the same assistant. Russia started the second half well, but a shirt pull on Dabritz saw a second penalty awarded and Germany two up through Marozsan's conversion, their third of the four goals theyv'e scored. Doorsoon Khajeh looped a fine strike against the metalwork. Magul came on as sub and injected a bit more urgency as those in white pressed for a third (with the possibility of a Swedish goal on their minds) and as Russia seemed to be tiring. Germany will be favourites against Denmark in the quarters, but will have to create more.

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